How to Write and Sell an eBook

I have written a lot of ebooks and they have provided a decent income for me over the years. I often wonder why more people do not write ebooks though. Many people feel that they have a book inside them, whether that is a fiction or non-fiction book, but do not write it down. I wonder if people are worried about being rejected by publishers. The great thing about writing these days is that it is really easy to self-publish. You just have to get your book typed up and a cover made and you can put it up for sale.

There are different ways that you can put you ebook up for sale. You can approach a marketplace directly and place it for sale through their shop front. You will need to find out how to do this, but all will have detailed instructions and there are plenty of ‘how to’ blogs and videos online that will also show you how. An alternative is to use a website that will then distribute it to a lot of places for you. This can be easier as you only have to deal with one place.

If you find it hard to find the time to write then it is important to set aside time to concentrate on it. Perhaps thirty minutes or an hour a day would be enough to get going with the book. Once you get into it, you will find it easy to keep going. I find that the first sentence is the hardest and so I try to get that done quickly and move on, I can always go back and change it afterwards. With a non-fiction title, I tend to decide what to make each chapter about and then work through those as this gives me a structure.

If you are worried about whether it will be good enough then don’t be. Write under a pen name, tell no one you have done it and see how many copies you sell. You will be hidden and need never reveal to anyone that you have written a book and you could find that you get a good income from it. Once you start making sales you may be confident enough to tell people about it but you could just always stay quiet about it. It will feel great knowing that you have written something and achieved that, even if you do not tell anyone.

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