Waterproof Memoboard

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Whilst standing in the shower, I had an idea for a board on which to capture the ideas, that I have, whilst waking up in the shower. I have experimented with a number of solutions, but believe this is the most flexible rugged approach. I love hearing how you use your board and hope you have as much fun using as I had developing the idea.

Your Uses

You have used these boards in everything from motor racing to nuclear power plants. They are used by sailors, including for races, mapping out buoys. Cycle race timing and tracking. Gardeners, builders etc., as the board is high visibility, can be seen if you put it down.

 Attaching and Maintenance

We have put a hole at the top to enable hooks, karabiners, rope and S Hooks to be used to mount the board. Once you have written on the board, you can wipe it with a dry cloth, and if you need to give it a deep clean, any gentle soap and water can be used to clean it. We have put velcro on both sides so you can adjust how you hold and where your pencil hangs from. The adapted pencil writes in almost any conditions.

Pictures of Waterproof Memoboards

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