Twins – A Unique Bond

As an identical twin, I have a lot of experience of what it is like to be a twin but I also have twins of my own. This is a situation that no one I know has been in and it is doubly different as my twins were conceived using IVF and they are not identical. As a twin with twins, I felt that it could be useful to anyone expecting or bringing up twins to get to know my take on things so that they could have more of an understanding of what makes twins different and the same as other people. I hope that you enjoy it.
There are many books out there on how to bring up babies as well as some on twins. It can be rather confusing as they do not all agree. This book does not set out to advice but merely to inform so that parents are educated and can make decisions accordingly. As a mother of twins and a twin myself I feel I have some knowledge to share, but realise that my experiences may not be the same as others and so I can only offer information from my point of view. Hopefully this will be useful and will help you in looking after your twin children or understanding life from the point of view of a twin.