The Slow Carb Meal Planner

This book contains a selection of recipes for those who want to follow a slow carb diet. The recipes are all a complete meal either based around meat or fish and there is also a snack section in case you get hungry between meals.

The slow carb program encourages the eating of protein and vegetables and the avoidance of sugary foods like fruit, sugar and starchy carbohydrates. This can be a diet which is difficult because traditionally it is not what we are used to. This book hopes to make things easy providing a selection of delicious meals which will give your diet great variety and will make you look forward to every meal and still lose weight!

The recipes in this book are very simple but include UK measurements and ingredients that are easily available in the UK. This means that those in the UK who have been looking for a cook book containing food that is easy to cook, will not be disappointed!

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