Taming Frizzy Hair

Having frizzy hair can be a bane of many people’s lives. Knowing how to tame it can seem like some sort of magic formula that no one wants to tell. You may see people with hair similar to yours with no frizz and wonder what their secret is.
This book aims to give you information about frizzy hair and how to treat it to keep the frizz down to a minimum. However, each person is different and this is what makes us interesting and special. Therefore do not get too hung up if certain things do not seem to work for you. Remember that you will need to try different things until you find something that works for you and your hair.
You may think that you have tried everything but hopefully you will learn something new by reading this book and you will be able to pick up some knowledge that will help you to tame your hair and make you feel happier about how it looks.
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